ZURB Ink: Responsive Email Framework for any device & client. Even Outlook.

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Ink is responsive HTML email framework that you will help you responsive email for all device and email client. Even outlook. Even in outdated and notoriously problematic ones like Outlook 2000. This open source project is by ZURB, creators of the popular front-end web development framework, Foundation. Creating responsive HTML emails that look good in all clients is a huge pain. It includes a 12-column grid, as well as some simple UI elements for rapid prototyping. The framework consists of the styles for a table-based grid, buttons, panels, retina images and more.

  • Test in Outlook: Outlook is the most bullish of all email clients and seemingly can’t adjust image sizes. Make sure the email looks great before moving on.
  • Add your responsive styles: Include any responsive styles you want to include. These should be in a the of <head> your document within a <style> tag.
  • Bring your styles inline: Once your email looks great in Outlook and responsive styles are included, bring your styles inline, which you can do with a variety of services.
  • Test your email: Don’t send it out just yet! Make sure you test it on as many platforms as you can. We use Litmus to test on a number of devices. You should too.
  • Send it out: Your email is ready! No more pinching to zoom to read your amazing content.

Five responsive email boilerplate templates out of the box, which will definitely be useful to new users of the framework.

The ZURB Ink: framework’s feature like

  • Ink provide css visibility class so you can easily show and hide element for specific client and device.
  • Grid system – It includes a 12-column grid system with help of we can design more layout.
  • Buttons that gracefully degrade in case the email recipient has images turned off by default.

Ink supports these email clients:

  • Apple Mail (5 and 6)
  • Microsoft Outlook (2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (3, latest)
  • Android Native (2.3, 4)
  • iOS Native (6, 7)
  • AOL Mail
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Outlook.com

I am a Web and UI Designer and a occasionally Photgrapher. Designing is not only my Profession But also My Hobby. I am not in competition with anybody but myself. My goal is to beat my last Performance. and I am hardworking, confident, intelligent, responsible, having good communication skills, problem solving Ability, efficiency, and ability to work on any platform with in a short period. I need an opportunity where through my hard work and qualities I can achieve a high standard of success

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