Top New Six Tips to Create Effective HTML5 Layouts

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Top New Six Tips to Create Effective HTML5 Layouts – Today competition in the technology world is growing largely. One has to strive real hard to be the best however this can happen through right education and right application of knowledge. One of important application that most people use day in and day out is HTML5. This is mainly used to present a website through internet medium. If you are thinking of designing your own layout then you must know top tips to create effective and efficient HTML5 layout. Learning and updating oneself prove beneficial in long run and automatically helps to lead the competition.


Top New Six Tips to Create Effective HTML5 Layouts

1. Traditionally by Planning on Paper

Website must appear aesthetic whenever user enters in to it. This can only happen if the web page is correctly and logically designed. Hence before you start directly designing the web layout, first sketch it on the paper. This will make things easy for you as you progress with layout creation. This helps you to know the details you are interested in and want to highlight and those that you want to just for reference etc. Performing this activity with paper gives you an opportunity to understand your own layout.

2. Easy Navigation

Once you start with actual creation make sure that the navigation is kept easy and handy. User must not be lost in your layout finding the navigation bars. It is vital that they are placed rightly in a particular logical order. There is hard and fast rules for maintaining them but the thumb rule says it should be convenient for user.

3. Font and Layout

Font that one would chose plays very crucial roles because if this is not user friendly then user may refrain from using your site. The choice for user is wide in this highly competitive world and hence it is preferable to use the largely used and sight friendly fonts.

4. Avoid Too Many Images

If you want your website to be top listed on the SEO pages then images may prove as negative energy. This is because SEO pay page cannot read images; it can only read keywords, phrases and links. Hence avoid temptation of presenting an icon instead of text.

5. Avoid Using Too Much of Flash

Flash player are able to help with good visual impact and effect. However with the HTML5 layout creation it is advisable to use only as much as is required by the content and the topic. This is only because flash would cause slowing in loading of the layout. User may not necessarily remain patient to wait for webpage to load each time they visit the site.

6. Test Layout before Launch

This is one of the crucial things to do which many layout creators avoid. Testing layout helps you understand the drawbacks and discomfort while using the website. Hence before launching test the layout so that when user gets it they find it best to handle.

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