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Code snippets are always a favorite of every developer and designer. Most professional programmers use to maintain a stack of their preferred and reliable code chunks, as this can help boost their productivity by simply adding the requisite piece of code on a suitable location in their program.

With useful php ode snippets, developers can efficiently attain their target without beginning everything from the scratch. It, thus, helps developers deliver great performance with high end results. In this article, I have compiled a list of reliable and highly useful code snippets that can certainly rev up the productivity of PHP developers. Let’s distill highly functional and resourceful php snippets example code.


1. To seek memory usage info

The following piece of code allows one to fetch info about the amount of memory used on your server.


2. For validating date format

For validating date format as “YYYY-MM-DD”, you can implement the below mentioned code snippet.


3. To send text messages via TextMagic API

In order to use the powerful TextMagic API that facilitates one to forward SMS to phones with a flair, you can incorporate the following chunk of code in your PHP program.
P.S. It is a paid service, thus you will need invest a certain amount for using this API.


4. To check whether the server is HTTPS or not

Developers often need to determine whether their script is running on HTTPS server or not. This can be easily determined by running the following simple lines of code.


5. to figure out the dominant color of an image

If you own a photography website or your website embraces an image gallery, this code snippet is a great choice for you. This code will help you determine the dominant color of an image.


6. To determine the browser language

If you are interested in detecting the browser language, you can use this code script.


7. To email PHP errors rather than displaying them

You might have observed that whenever your PHP script triggers an error, it is displayed on the screen. This is because, by default the servers are set to showcase an error. Thus, to boost the security, if you want to get an email to notify an error instead of sharing the error on the screen, you can implement this code snippet.


8. For implementing email address validation

To ensure that an entered email address possesses a regular expression and the mail host, you can use this function. If the function won’t return any MX record, it implies that the DNS check fails.
P.S. This code is not functional on Windows server.


9. Paginating the database result

For creating forward and backward page links for records in database result-set, you can implement the below mentioned PHP function.


10. For displaying the Facebook fans count

You might need to flaunt the popularity of the site across the globe by including the number of Facebook fans count in complete text. For this, you can implement this code chunk.


Choose any of the aforementioned PHP code chunk to efficiently accomplish your task. All these are reliable and functional code snippets that can ensure a smooth performance.

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