Six designers UI design elements

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Six designers UI design elements

Six Elements UI

UI is a User Interface (UI) of the abbreviation, we often talks about the user experience, while the UI is the secret weapon to enhance the user experience. User-friendly interface, you can achieve better communication between the user and the Web site or software interaction, so that operation of the software becomes more comfortable, more humane. It is no exaggeration to say, UI determines the success of Internet business. So, how can the actual situation for their own good UI design it?

I believe that good UI design, which is nothing less than the following six o’clock:

First, clear interface give users often impressed

Clear interface, which is the criteria for each UI designer must associate from. Blurred, the theme is not clear it will not cause the user interface is like. Fuzzy’s web interface will give users the illusion of chaos, it will be very easy to cause fatigue. We can think about a UI design allows users to objectionable, is not a failure of the work? Thus, the first element is to establish a clear interface UI thinking, which will apply this thinking to go into the actual development. This will improve the user experience to a large extent.

Second, compliance with the "simple but not simple" design principle

UI design, clarity is the first element, but is still far from clear interface alone can not be regarded as a good product. A good UI design, not only with a clear interface, but also to the user with a neat feeling. User’s first impression is very important. And simple UI design principles allow users to find the content they want in the shortest possible time, to avoid the user continues to explore complicated content. Now many of the sites have been aware of this, many sites were revised, on the current situation, the flat is a way UI design should be considered.

Third, give the user a familiar feeling

Familiar feeling to the user, how to say these words? Could it be that this long to make the Internet for all sites are unified style, unified style? I do not think, of course, is an impossible task. The so-called user familiar atmosphere, mainly refers to the UI design process to comply with certain principles. Although innovation is an inexhaustible power forward, but from the user’s innovation is a step backwards and failures. Here due to familiarity it means we are very familiar with the operations you can not deliberately to change, for example: refers underlined hyperlinks, you can not be reversed, right? No difference is retrogression or delete button, which you no matter how innovative, at least for now, it can not be changed, right?

Fourth, and user interaction, enhance the response speed of the page

In the minds of many UI designers, UI design is just a question relating to the user interface, there is no association with the page response speed. This idea in the end right? Here, let us review the definition of the UI: UI is a user interface the abbreviation. The ultimate goal is to enhance the user experience of UI, two pages corresponding speed upgrade is the user experience must pay attention to things. So, in a sense, this idea is wrong. As an UI designer, the page corresponding speed is an important point in the development process must be considered.

Fifth, the whole must be consistent style

UI design also points that must be noted: there must be an agreed overall style, such as home is flattened, then the best columns page and content pages have developed into flattened; in short, the overall style must be unified , which includes not only the color matching to be unified, and fonts, layout, etc. have unity, which is a broader concept. The reason why the UI design to maintain a consistent style, which is entirely from the user’s perspective to think about the problem: Only by maintaining a unified style, it will not allow users to produce stunned feeling when you visit the page.

Sixth, increase aesthetics, a sense of pleasure to the user

Aesthetics, by definition, it is the extent of the overall UI design aesthetic. The higher the aesthetics, the user will not put it down. On this issue, I want to talk about their own ideas, I believe that on today’s form, "texture" is to improve the aesthetics of a secret weapon.Adding "texture" in UI design, it will make your site more diverse, more perfect. In a word: good things will always be people yearning mind. Increased aesthetics, is to make products as a prerequisite for good things.

UI design relating to website success, whether you’re up the basis of the original site were revised matters websites, or making a new site development. UI design is crucial, I hope some of the above six will be UI design to help a friend.

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