Logo Design Mistakes To Avoid

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Logo Design – Mistakes To Avoid

Designate logo design as simple labor, would be a gross fallacy. Those who know these ten fundamental aspects of logo creation, but it has definitely easier.

A logo is the first element that represents a company in external affairs – and it has a significant influence on the development of further visuals and designs. That makes it one of the most important elements of a corporate design for the it is worth the time required to invest in the long term. It does not matter, may be the services or products of a company as well: If the visual appearance and thus also the logo design does not reflect this, it is (at least initially) be difficult to convince customers of its own competence.

It is not easy, logos – no matter whether you see yourself as a beginner or professional – to design, and large enterprises invest considerable time and financial resources to achieve the best possible result and to meet with the logo a statement that fits the company. Ten unforced errors in the design of logos we have gathered here as a little help.

Copy 1 logo design, imitate, steal

Dodge Logo Copycat

Inspire is okay, do not copy. (Source: fastcompany.com  )

The Internet is full of inspiration and send designs for companies from all over the world. Logos of major national and international brands enjoy a high recognition value. So the temptation is of course great to imitate the good and successful work.But not only the designers are tempted. Also of customers you do not get often hear that their own communication activities should imitate a successful company.

We need to make it as Fielmann.Product: brand.So you sell!

Two of the most common excuses for designer page should probably be the budget or a competitive situation on one of the popular Price pusher design portals.You will thus perhaps shortly earn one or two euros and save you development time for a logo. But forget not that you do not are producing the logo for the invitation to the birthday party your daughter. Eventually the plagiarism will notice. At best, there is only mockery and malice, in the worst case legal consequences from clients and owners. This quickly earned money is to ruinous minus business for you and for costly recovery process and loss of face for the customer.

2. Use of Stock Material

A logo must not cost more than five dollars today. Numerous templates with diverse generic or meaningless symbols are available on the internet for little money and ready to be changed to an “individual creation”. Who understands design as buying logo templates and customizing text and color would perhaps be better off in the commercial sector. With design that has not much to do.

Envato logo template

This logo, for example, for 29 dollars at Envato  be purchased. (Screenshot: t3n)

What distinguishes your stick logo of one of 1,000 other logos that were created from the paid submission? The most creative choice of colors? What does such a logo of a company? Probably nothing.

Another common mistake that can cost much in doubt, is the use of other floor materials that are not explicitly sold as logo templates. Many portals include the use of pictures and graphics explicitly from the use in a logo. For your own ego, individuality and expressiveness of the logo and a simply better result, your logo should always be its own creation.

3. Unnecessary complicating and combining

Often one is thus inspired by a project that so many ideas. The result is a lot of good ideas that you want to somehow accommodate in a final product. The problem that often occurs here: The final logo is too complicated and makes several statements that take its clarity the logo.

Remember what the purpose of a logo is: It should make a statement about the company and have a recognition value. How is a logo that is actually five different ideas, do that? Instead of allowing a lot of good ideas merge into one, you should at the stronger of good ideas focus and develop them further. A good idea, clear and understandable implemented, is better than a lot of good ideas that are united to compulsively.

4. Colors, we need more colors!

A logo may be naturally colorful and bright. The more colors are selected, the harder it is, however, to select them so that they match each other. And also in black and white logo has to work somehow.

Logo design mistakes to avoid ,The wrong color choice can already kill very early a really good design. Therefore, it pays to the customer – no matter how uncreative it may be – as soon as possible to incorporate into the design process. Gladly even before the colors are. Let calm the customer colors that fit his view on the company, put together. Its input can be pure gold for you – and save a lot of trial and error.

By the way:  Adobe Color  (formerly Kuler) is a very useful and free tool to find colors that go well with each other.

5. Typographical errors in logo design

The typography is very often make up a large part of the logo and so here is special care in designing demand.

Generic fonts

There are fonts that are chic and have proven themselves. That’s true of course.But therefore must each logo consists of a combination of various typefaces from the Helvetica Neue exist? As with any design that includes typography, it is important to experiment. Each font achieved another effect.

Unsuitable writings

Uncle Sam Logo

The logo design of Uncle Sam shares his fire font with numerous craft establishments throughout Germany. (Screenshot: t3n)

If you want to build a brand, you should really think about the font choice.Although I no “reputable” companies are still come, working with the Comic Sans in their logo, but I see Brush Script daily on pretty much any craftsman-service vehicle – but even with “known” brands such as Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam is seen quite often in commercial breaks, for example, RTL2. That the writing that makes the whole logo simultaneously, is used in an inflationary for any kind of company, seems to interfere in this case no one. Better kerning between the S and the A logo would not hurt either.

Too many fonts

Too many fonts in logo

Too many fonts make the logo cluttered and hard to read. (Graphic: Lokomoose  )

More than two fonts should not need a logo usually. Is that still the case, there is every chance that it is too complicated and can not make a clear (visual) statement.A combination of main font that can be reflected in the rest of the communications of the company, and a complementary magazine for a claim or similar is probably the most tried and tested concept.

Extreme Fonts

Logo Design Fonts

The use of extreme Fonts can complicate the subsequent logo design greatly. (Graphic: t3n)

Very thin fonts can look very chic. Very thick writings fall on in other ways. Here it is important to find a balance, so that the logo can be applied not only on billboards, but also for example on business cards or vehicles.

Incorrect spacing

Kerning Example

Bad kerning can have a strong influence on the readability and message of the text. (Graphic: t3n)

Insufficient or excessive distances readability of the logo can greatly limit. Will there be too much scaled down and the distances too small, the letters become blurred. If the distances are too great, and the logo is scaled up, the readability is just as disturbed by a bad kerning.

6. Logo designs that can not be used on all media

Many designers include your work from after the first draft removed without worrying about the reusability of the logo in various media.

“Can you fax the logo, it should be able to be used in other media.”

Even if the objective at the beginning of the order was to make a logo for a business paper equipment and a website, this does not mean that the company will not perhaps want to spice up the vehicles or uniforms so that in some time. If that was not previously taken into account, the customer has a problem and needs that may still very young Logo jettison and confront the customer with a new “identity” of his company.Logo design mistakes to avoid so that you can make your logo more attractive.

The logo should be able to be reduced to black and white, without losing its identity and significance. Is that ensures it should be able to be used for the production of other media.

7. Designing for its own portfolio

When designing the logo you should not think about how it looks later in your portfolio. Will it fit my style? I have not made the same way too often? That’s totally irrelevant.

The customer pays for you not to make something that fits perfectly to your needs, but to his. Instead of the complete identity of the company appropriately convert to visual aesthetics of your portfolio, you should adhere to the values ​​of the company and develop something that fits to the company, not to you.

8. Superfluous information

Döbbe LogoSuperfluous information take a precious space for the essentials. The left version of the logo was created only for demonstration purposes by us and was never used by the company.(Graphic: t3n)

Superfluous information can overload the logo. A typical example of this is the inclusion of the company name. In rare cases, it will interest the customer if the bakery is a GbR, a limited liability company or part of a corporation. The appearance and the recognition of the logo but suffer and take the additional information the space that could be better used for relevant information.

Whenever more than the brand name and the slogan or relevant for the statement of the logo Information in logo design should be included, it is worthwhile to ask yourself if you are legally required to accommodate this information. This question will be the designers have put logos also in shaping the Döbbe, so the version that never existed on the left side of the above graphic. We have merely alienated for demonstration purposes.

9. Use the wrong software

Photoshop vs Illustrator

There are tasks, is simply unsuitable for Photoshop. (Graphic: Julia Lindenberg  )

Have you ever a logo provided by Customer as a PSD or PNG? If you’re lucky, the file exists, at least in high resolution. With a little luck, the logo can be used only for use on the Web. The company sign, which will have plottered the customer, can be realized only with a self-reconstructed version of the logo.

“Programs for raster graphics are not suitable for logo design.”

Yes, Photoshop is great and you can use it as all-purpose weapon on pretty much let each project. But please: Do you, your customers and your colleagues no bitmapped logos on. It is simply a bad practice that should be exposed and starve deep in the forest. Logos must be created in a vector program – whether it is now Adobe’s Illustrator or another vector program.

Working with a vector program will solve many of your problems in the future use of the logo. Is it too small? Make it bigger. Do we need a different color? Pass him and export it as JPG or PNG. Does it plottered, lasered or be placed in a 3D program in scene? Export it in an appropriate format and start playing. In the longer term a vectorized logo save a lot of work and trouble.

10. Logo design without plan

A logo is not assembly-line product – although some companies that love to look as and with computer generated logo design for little money to advertise.Nevertheless, you need as a workflow designer, as the logo is created.

Lower part your design process in phases. Whether you are looking initially on Pinterest for inspiration, jogging’re going to gather new impressions and then first designs with pencil and paper or directly in the vector program do: Unless the drafting of a final product, but the preparation and research are the first steps of your work , the foundation has been laid for a well designed logo. It is important that you go with your system design and gradually work. Inconsistencies can be identified and changed so early.Logo design mistakes to avoid the feedback can be obtained earlier by the customer and you have no “ready-made” design completely jettison and tease you about “the stupid customer and his special needs”.

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