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HTML5 games development is a trending topic that developers and designers often talk about these days. HTML5 games is slowly but surely replacing Flash with its support for animations and game development in combination with JavaScript. You will see that more and more HTML5 games are created everyday with awesome graphics and cool effects. In this round-up, we are going to provide you with a list of addictive HTML5 games

Flash games are old and technology is advancing. I have collected some amazing HTML5 games that you can play and keep yourself busy. They are in random order (no ranking or anything else). Make sure you are using a modern browser that supports HTML5 and Canvas.

Contre Jour

HTML5 games

I recently found this game and was greatly touched with its graphics and music. I could not believe that it was made using HTML5. The gameplay is amazing and it supports multi touch gestures for IE10 users. This game is a remake of the original game released for iOS devices.


HTML5 games

SpacePi is a mouse accuracy/agility game revolving around the defense of 13 bases in the most desolate regions of space. This game won the first prize in js13k compo.

HTML5 Doodle Jump

HTML5 games

Yes, this is the HTML5 version of the famous Doodle Jump game but it does not have all the features of the original game. Still, its a pretty neat time killer.


HTML5 games

Very soothing and simple game created by @hakimel with only one objective: avoid colliding with the red dots. You can activate a boosts by picking up the rare green dots.

Cut the rope

HTML5 games

Its the same game that comes for iOS and Android but ported to HTML5 neatly. All of the features are there with the same addictive gameplay.

Run Puma Run

HTML5 games

A nice game by puma in which the objective is to stay alive for as long as possible by avoiding obstacles and score high by taking medals in the way. It features 8-bit graphics with prallax backgrounds showing the power of HTML5.

Super Ubi Land

HTML5 games

This game is still in early development but the graphics and gameplay are really nice. Its a 2D platformer game with a very nice soundtrack.


HTML5 games

Very addicting game in which you have to enclose the blue dots by making coils with your mouse.

The Eraser

HTML5 games

A very good concept in which you have to delete / erase the platforms to make your Mr. Guy touch his girlfriend.

The Sucker

HTML5 games

Grab them, throw them, kill them. This is the only objective of this blood filled game. You will really love the 8 Bit graphics and the game play because it is addictive as hell!


HTML5 games

A 3D first person shooter game developed by Mozilla to test the performance of Mozilla browsers. This game uses WebGL to render 3D graphics and Fullscreen API for full screen awesomeness!

Monster is other people (MIOP)

HTML5 games

In this game, the objective is to link the black ones like a train and then encircle the white ones with that train to kill them. This game requires a decent graphics card and a WebGL enabled browser.


HTML5 games

A very nice 3D racing game with amazing graphics and soundtrack. It is created using WebGL but it can be ran pretty well on old computer or laptops.

Trigger Rally

HTML5 games

This is a port of Linux open-source game which is powered by three.js and WebGL. The physics, handling and graphics are very good so as the gameplay.


HTML5 games

Tiny hummingbird “Roger” needs your help. Flap your wings to fly him high and feed him some nectar from the center of the flower.


HTML5 games

Very addictive game in which your objective is to reach the destination without touching your rocket’s trail.

Did we miss something? Feel free to share the HTML5 games that you like and I might include them in the CSS Matter list!

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    Wonderful List! Thanks for sharing!

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    That’s great! Thanks for sharing these games.

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