Google engineers will translate into a vector space language mathematical problems

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Existing statistical translation-based online tools such as Bobby Fish and Google Translate, translate the results barely available, but still far from perfect. Now, Google engineers preprint papers published on the website, presents a statistical translation does not rely on new technology.Their method is to translate into a vector space language mathematical problems, the use of data mining techniques modeling the structure of a language, and then with another language structure comparison.

The new method is based on a concept that every language has a similar concept, which uses the word the way there are also similarities. For example, are described in most languages ​​the same animal words, such as dogs, cats and cows, these words are likely in the same manner used in a sentence, such as “cats are smaller animals than dogs.”The relationship between words in the language set is called “language space” can be assimilated to a point to another set of vectors, can be mathematically processed, for example, male plus female equals minus king queen (‘king ‘-‘ man ‘+’ woman ‘=’ queen ‘).In the vector space, many languages ​​have in common, we can use vector space linear transformation translate one language into another language. Google engineers said that the new method is very effective.

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