Gimp Tutorials: 20 Open sources of entry into the Photoshop Alternative

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Gimp Tutorials: 20 Open sources of entry into the Photoshop Alternative

Gimp is in many ways a good substitute for Photoshop and other powerful, but expensive image editing programs. As the range of functions of thesoftware can be optimally exploited, show numerous Gimp tutorials that we have collected for you.


As the first address good Gimp tutorials is worth a visit on the official website. ( )

The official website of the GNU Image Manipulation Program  is a good place for those who want to improve the handling of the software. The creators have divided their tutorial range from fine explanations in English in six subjects. To “Beginner”, “Intermediate” and “Expert” come instructions for Photo-Editing, Scripting and Web applications. Overall, a well-structured repertoire of about 50 tutorials.


Nearly 150 Gimp tutorials can be found at (Screenshot: gimpusers .com)

Whopping 147 tutorials spread over ten categories provides , Both foundations are taught as treated techniques for advanced users. The instructions are well illustrated and provided with difficulty and duration. Moreover News published over the image editing software and collects useful links.


Parallel to numerous instructions for Adobe products are available at also Gimp Tutoials. (Screenshot: )

What initially sounds ironic results at second glance sense. In fact, understands  not only as a guide for Photoshop, but as a graphic, web and photo portal. The currently 91 tutorials for Gimp there partly as text, some illustrated and partly as video.


Fundamentals, Advanced knowledge, resources – all of which is located in the gimp-workshop.(Screenshot: )

Various text, picture and video tutorials home , In addition to 15 categories will be according to the level of “beginners” and “advanced” distinction. In addition to the instructions there for downloading resources such as brushes, patterns, scripts and Scrap Kits. The forum competitions are held, are also courses, link collections, tips on photography and other resources ready.


350 Tutorial Topics plus sub-forums and resources solely to Gimp are in the appropriately named Forum. (Screenshot: )

On  can find various resources for free image editing software.The tutorial thread includes over 350 topics to the subforums “Fundamentals” and “Advanced” come, in which there are many other instructions. In addition, the Forum provides numerous resources such as brushes, patterns, scripts and plug-ins for Gimp.


Gimp tutorials from very simple to tricky hosts the Gimp Atelier. (Screenshot: )

Very meticulously “quite simple”, “Simple”, “medium” and “Tricky” are classified by the level, presents the Gimp-Atelier ( ) More than just a handful of successful tutorials. A Forum extends the instructions for resources, Gimp hacks, a lexicon, competitions, showrooms and news.


The English-language Forum gimptalk carries over Users can upload and moderated posts a variety of Gimp tutorials and tips together. (Screenshot: )

In English-speaking countries is a point that should not be missed in a collection of sources for the software. Alone in the sub-forum of “GIMP Tutorials and Tips” for more than ten pages threads were already gathered. There are also countless instructions of users and video tutorials, as well as a wealth of Brushes, Gradients or libraries.


About 790 Gimp tutorials are located in the rich repertoire of ( )

Another Gimp forum in English can be , In more than 790 threads are found solution for almost every problem. In addition to instructions for primary artistic questions, there are also a range of technical issues, as well as news and other resources.


The blog gimpology linked and houses around 800 Gimp tutorials. (Screenshot:

Likewise, in English presents , A blog that provides around 800 tutorials on 79 pages. Also a handful of videos are shown on your own YouTube channel about the instructions out. Part angeteaserten the instructions linked to external sources, sometimes they are presented directly at gimpology.


Although the Department of Gimp relatively small precipitates, gfx-sector is worth graphic themes always a glance. (Screenshot: )

Of course, also Gimp can thematically with the “Graphical Effects” situate and so also offers  some tutorials for Gimp. Approximately 40 threads devoted to instructions, in addition there are many useful information on the topic.


Under the channel name  TCH-Support  There are tips, tricks and tutorials for various software and operating systems. Of particular interest in view of the Gimp are 38 videos that are dedicated to beginners Topics. For beginners certainly helpful, for example, a 42-minute video in which all available in Gimp tools are explained.


Also the channel  TutorialforAll is not limited to Gimp, but the focus is on photography and image processing, so that see the videos also around 50 tutorials for Gimp. The themes are often practical problems because the videos created by viewers often requests.

Lensflare Pictures .for Gimp

With photography, image processing and graphic design is concerned the Youtube channel  Lensflare Pictures .for Gimp , There currently are more than 70 videos available, including some that are significantly longer than ten minutes.

Your Favorite GIMP teacher!

Your Favorite GIMP teacher!  is an English channel on which it only comes to Gimp – and in nearly 100 videos. Unfortunately, the last video about four years ago has been uploaded, which would appear to continue to play. Nevertheless, the channel provides valuable information, especially for beginners.


Joe2712  shows on YouTube videos to digital imaging, among other things with Adobe software, but also with Gimp. At present 48 workshops have appeared here, aimed, according to the author for beginners and advanced.


Nominally  mygimpchannel  is hardly anything to add. In more than 100 videos the author deals with various graphic themes, which can be reacted with Gimp.The focus is rather less on fundamentals, but rather on implementing interesting ideas or to master challenges of image processing.


On  MyGimpTutorialChannel  currently located around 200 tutorials that deal even with more complex features and issues of Gimp. The frequency of new videos is very high, considering that the channel is only since the spring of 2014th


Gimpgustl  focuses on his Youtube channel with the 3D computer graphics software Blender – and with Gimp. To work with the image editing tool more than 60 videos are available, spread over the subject areas of glass, text effects, button creation, glossy effects, mapping tools and More.

Advanced Photo

Advanced Photo  is an English-language channel that offers rich illustrative material with its several hundred videos. Primarily, the videos sent to beginners, but also advanced topics in the parent after Playlists contributions can be found.


Mostly Videos for image editing with Gimp also presents  LukTutorials , Both beginners and advanced students are served. From a four-part beginners tutorial features like Dodge, Burn, or specialized topics such as creating icons, album covers or QR codes, the channel covers a good range

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