Font Management Right Font 2 for Mac: Finally clean up the font-Chaos

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Font Management Right Font 2 for Mac: Finally clean up the font-Chaos

The font management is a very sensitive issue. Countless projects do not make it easier to maintain an overview and structure. Remedy is to bring a font management, but which is the right one? We show you Right Font 2 for the Mac, and tell you all the tricks of the trade.


To manage fonts, there are countless font managers, but most are hardly intuitive and visually appealing. Especially if we assume that the customer target group – the designer – a special focus on intuitive operation and a visual treat sets.

What is Right Font 2 for favored candidates of font management?

The Font Management Right Font 2 (Screenshot: Right Font 2)

The Font Management Right Font 2 (Screenshot: Right Font 2 )

Firstly Right Font 2 is processed visually pretty, bringing a self-explanatory and easy to use with. Fonts can be read directly and be activated or deactivated with a click. This brings a quick and efficient method for the discharge of the system. If fonts are needed again in a Photoshop, InDesign or Sketch document, we obtain directly a dialogue to enable this required font.

Thus Right Font brings 2 with also an Application Support. This enables Right Font 2 to use as a font picker. Previously, only the text must be marked and we can select the font directly in Right Font. 2 It will not require any program-specific font picker.The following programs are supported by Right Font 2:

Supported programs of Right Font 2 (Screenshot: Right Font 2)

Supported programs of Right Font 2 (Screenshot: Right Font 2 )

Fonts can of course be sorted or filtered in the Font Management Right Font. 2 The filter can restrict the choice of typeface, Sans, Serif, Slab, script or symbol. A separate preview text for the selected font is of course also possible. Popular and often used fonts can be marked with an asterisk.

Icon fonts have also found their place in the tool and can be managed through an extra rider. This acknowledges Right Font 2 not only on, but also offers a decentralized carve such a font. Additionally Right Font brings 2 over 4000 icons directly.

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The Font Management Right Font 2 team effort

Adobe Typekit, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box Sync, OneDrive, and BitTorrent are currently supported. Enough choices to build their own font server. Especially the team of exchange and the provision of fonts is important. If this is sent via mail or chat, quickly created a mess and no one has the necessary overview. It can be created, for example, a Dropbox folder, which is in turn subscribed by Right Font. 2New fonts are automatically synchronized on every computer which has now given this folder as an additional source.

However, the font management team must not only be intuitive and easy to operate, but also quickly. The projects are piling up and the signature collection grows and grows. So this is functional even in a few years, the tool a fast and stable performance in a large number of fonts must of course can deliver. Right Font 2 should be able to manage more than 30,000 fonts that are loaded in less than 0.9 seconds. That should be a total of 16x faster than the Apple Font Book.

Right Font 2  costs $ 39.95 as a single license. Much can be saved if several licenses are taken directly. Surely Right Font is 2 not a bargain, but also no more expensive than the competition. It does many things right and provides intuitive approaches. Overall, it leaves a great impression and we look forward to more interesting features that makes font management a breeze.

Which font management uses her for time and would Right Font 2 a real alternative for you?

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