Flexbox: CSS is made easy with this 20-part video course

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Flexbox: CSS is made easy with this 20-part video course

The CSS box model is a hake liges things, by means of which can be created only from pain more demanding sites. Especially for responsive designs will be thought of as developers already look for reasons of self-preservation for alternatives. One of the best of these alternatives is Flexbox. An easily understandable video course introduces into matter.
If you’re thinking that this might have something to do with CSS Flexbox, shall …

Anyone who has worked with Flexbox, is definitely not return. Here, the use of the alternative model is not very difficult, but certainly with a learning curve. The free video course, we want to introduce to you today helps tremendously since.

WTF is of course 'What the Flexbox'.  What you thought that?  (Screenshot: flexbox.io)

WTF is of course “What the Flexbox”. What you thought that? (Screenshot: flexbox.io)

What the Flexbox: About 160 minutes Flexbox knowledge

The generous donors of the course “What the Flexbox “Comes from Canada is, Wes Bos, and his capacity both thoroughbred developers and thoroughbred trainer. He created with a time of over 60 hours recently a comprehensive, easy to understand this video course on CSS Flexbox.

This includes 20 individual tutorials with a length between four and 16 minutes. In the first 13 share Bos deals with the basics of using, during the following seven parts Examples of real applications, such as a price chart or a layout for a mobile app imagine.

'What the Flexbox' consists of 20 individual parts of different lengths (Screenshot: flexbox.io)

“What the Flexbox” consists of 20 individual parts of different lengths (Screenshot: flexbox.io)

To participate in the course, are to meet only two conditions. You must firstly enter a valid email address to which you can send the link Wes to Tutorial and the sample files. On the other hand you have the English language to be powerful, to the extent it is needed in everyday web developer use. Wes formulated very simply and very clearly in short sentences, and the debate here. I would say, who could read “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” or listen successfully, will have no problems with “What the Flexbox”. Since I got quite other tutorials on the ears …

Anyone who wants to find out more about the most important aspects of Flexbox model, should definitely be the tutorial here at t3n not miss. The twelve minutes should be the intelligent choice.

Right in the depth it then goes with “What the Flexbox”. For this you will need about three hours, but after that you are well informed. For all examples Wes provides the necessary CSS and HTML files as a zipped archive for download. It is advisable to insert a time-intensive Flexbox-day and lead the entire material in peace to heart. I guarantee a significant gain in knowledge.

'What the Flexbox' is universally comprehensible and meaningful structured (Screenshot: flexbox.io)

“What the Flexbox” is universally comprehensible and meaningful structured (Screenshot: flexbox.io)

Unfortunately, the videos do not download for offline use, as Wes has chosen to deploy via YouTube. On the other hand, one should in any case actively participate while looking the tutorials on the computer and by the very code-heavy declaration method brings a viewing on small mobile screens no discernible benefits.

My conclusion is very clear: Who wants to deal with Flexbox and the English language is powerful, can not get away “What the Flexbox”. The quality of the course, I have personally not seen in so many premium content. Distinction: highly recommended.

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