Facebook? I Don’t Care!

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The Maple Kind is a website with a distinct claim that reads “Where infographics meet comics and bullshit!” What urges its creators is to make you chuckle. This sure does sound much simpler than it is, but it definitely implies, how the following infographic shall be read. Therein, the Maple Kind argues, why we need a new button on Facebook (a few more than one more, in fact). This new button shall be named ” I Don’t Care” and is bound to be the most widely used expression on Facebook, once it has been instated. Though the infographic in fact made me chuckle, The Maple Kind does not follow a far-fetched approach. Take a look at your own use of Facebook. What would you use more often? Like or I Don’t Care? I know what I would do, but I don’t see Facebook as anything of value for modern society anyway…

Facebook: Not so very interesting…

I admit it. At its inception, facebook seemed like the best since canned beer to me, and to you! Admit it, too. We could network with people long forgotten. We could reset the whole foundation of how we interact with friends, relatives and acquaintances. Did that not sound promising?

In the beginning I’m bound to say, it seemed to work. But then, Facebook rocketed and almost everybody went on there. Friends became more and more and the boundaries went blurry. Only people with an iron discipline still do have only these people in their Facebook lists which they actually know from real life and would call them friends even there. The rest of us got used to a definition of the term “friend” that thus became worthless. How many real friends have you got on Facebook, how many don’t you actually know at all and how many would you rather categorize as acquaintances, colleagues or the like?

“Who cares how it is called”, may you object. I care, for one, and you should, too. Looking at my own kids I can see how the value of the word “friend” erodes. The whole world is friend, since Facebook. This is not only untrue, but in this world we live in, even potentially dangerous. About once a month I sit down with them to talk about what a real friend is and how to recognize one. I’m getting on their nerves, I know. I don’t care. I’ll go ahead.

Sorry, I’ve started to wander off the point. The Maple Kind nails it, though. What do you feel, scrolling down your Facebook wall?

Chances are, you’ll agree with what the creators of the infographic assume. They claim that at least 75% of Facebook’s content is totally irrelevant crap. Stuff, that does not interest anybody, except for the one, who wrote, posted, shared it. How often did you wish, you’d have a button at hand, that doesn’t say “Like”?

The Maple Kind put together a whole bunch of examples of posts which could best have been interacted with using an “I Don’t Care”-button or some even more unmistakable forms of expression. I bet, you’ll see your own reflection in more than one example..

Personally I’m more or less done with Facebook. As administrator of several brand pages I cannot simply turn my back on the service, but my private use of the network is virtually zero. To me, Facebook has grown to become the exact opposite of what it once promised to be. This is not a network that brings people closer together. This is a service that keeps people apart, but has them thinking they’d be closer together. It substitutes social relations by digital distance. Both terms, “social” as well as “relations” are going to die in the long run. “Friend” is already dead.

That said, have fun with the infographic…

Facebook? I Don’t Care!

Facebook? I Don’t Care!

(Source: The Maple Kind)

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