Designer Toolbox 2015: These tools use Creative

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Designer Toolbox 2015: These tools use Creative

As in all other areas as well, it is always important in the design, to choose the right tools for the jeweilien application.  (Photo: pixabay)

As in all other areas as well, it is always important in design to choose the right tools for the particular application. (Photo: pixabay)

Khoi Vinh is not just creative, but one of the most influential representatives of the industry. Fast Company 2011 went so far as to designate Vinh as one of "50 most influential designers in America." In the new millennium Vinh worked for the New York Times and coined their design sustainably. Again and again he founded company, which he then sold successfully to larger players. For several years he worked as a senior designer for Adobe.

On his personal website he published in the last week the results of a survey conducted in July to the most popular designer tools of the year. While developers Ashley Nolan, on whose survey we recently reported, focused on pure developer tools, Vinh refers investigation a wider range of tools.

More than 4,000 participants from nearly 200 nations and companies of different sizes participated in its survey on the designer toolbox 2015 , For the evaluation took Vinh time what one looks at the microsite specially created. The presentation of findings is for designers already a best practice example in itself.

Designer Toolbox 2015: topics and participants Structure

The actual design of the human-machine interface is only one of the issues with which we must deal as a designer. This is reflected in Vinh extensive bill and considered alongside the actual interface design, the areas brainstorming, Wireframing, prototyping, project management and file management in addition to version control.

These areas examined Vinh accurate.  (Screenshot:

Designer Toolbox 2015: These areas examined Vinh accurate. (Screenshot:

The survey then asked each for the mainly used tools in each category. From the number of responses then the ranking showed. Could be differentiated further by country of origin of the respondents, and by the size of the organization in which the respondent operates. In addition, the participants said, for what platform they create mainly design work. 95 percent of all respondents said the Web forward as the main target platform Print landed behind iOS and Android in fourth place with at least 40 percent of all responses.

Designer Toolbox 2015: And the Winner is …

Similar to the aforementioned developer survey one may take a few surprises to note also at Vinh investigation.

These are the winners in each category.  (Screenshot:

These are the winners in each category. (Screenshot:

For me personally, however, one of them is not the realization that conventional paper pen plus the category "brainstorming" could decide for themselves. After all, 64 percent of all participants specify the old fashioned way as a tool of their choice for the brainstorming. Second place 2 lands by a large margin, and only ten percent of the votes cast Sketch of Bohemian Coding , Pen and paper ended up the way also with all those who those choosing not to their first declared in second place.

Beautifully designed evaluations make viewing a pleasure.  (Screenshot:

Beautifully designed evaluations make viewing a pleasure. (Screenshot:

The category "Wireframing" hits Sketch with 27 percent of votes. That’s the first surprise for me. Because the tool is known to be available only recently on the market and only the Mac platform. Nevertheless, it can already be much older as the representatives for Windows and Mac alike suitable Illustrator, which landed on the second place, behind him.

Special Tools for Wireframing such as Balsamiq and Omnigraffle land on the sixth and seventh place. Even pure HTML / CSS is used rather than the two specialists.

The category "Interface Design" decides Sketch with 34 percent before Adobe Photoshop with 29 percent for themselves. Overall, Adobe products Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Firework Although able to score points with 45 percent, the most popular single tool but provides Bohemian Coding.

In the category of "Prototyping" wins the digital counterpart to the winner of the first category, namely pure HTML and CSS. The prototyping specialist InVision comes with 18 percent of all responses, after all, on a reasonably befitting place 2. For InVision I wrote extensively for the Dr. Web Magazine at this point ,

"Brainstorming?Sure, give even a sheet of paper and a pen! "

The category "Project Management" has produced a clear result, even though no clear. Here use 67 percent of all participants diverse tools so that can not be the answer to sharpen a clear winner.The runners follow with similar interests, but in that order, Slack, Trello and Github.

For me, the question of the project management tool of choice is, however, also put a little too specific. Personally I use Slack, Trello and Github. The functional areas that I cover so each, overlap hardly. Genuine project management however, does none of these tools. Therefore me the strong fragmentation of the answers at this point not at all surprised.

In the category "file management and version control" lands Dropbox with 51 percent in the first, followed by Github with 39 percent in the second and Google Drive with 30 percent in third place.

Again, I do not like the cut of the question plus possible answers. Personally I use both Dropbox, as well Github and Google Drive, but each for different applications.I would never, for example, the idea to settle a collaborative website design on the dropbox. Since I use clear Github. Great design prototypes, such as PSD files, on the other hand, I share about the Dropbox.

Vinod is an experienced front end developer and who has contributed to a cssmatter using WordPress, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and PHP on top of many other programming languages and frameworks. He is an excellent problem solver, and a great communicator as both a team member and a team lead.

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