Design2Code: 16 tools and services for designers without code knowledge

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Design2Code: 16 tools and services for designers without code knowledge

The design is finished, now missing is the code? No problem. Design2Code is the magic word for tools, services and plug-ins that make layouts finished projects.

Not every designer is able to also implement its incurred in Photoshop Layouts self – programming. And if it then but attempts can – without the right skills – extremely time-consuming and frustrating (just think of browser compatibility and Responsiveness). Luckily some are some service providers who do this for a professional.

The procedure: You send out a PSD and gets – depending on the provider – pretty much everything you could wish for. Most offer except the "Design2Code" services also richer web development. And for those who do not want to leave this work, there are also some plugins. We have looked at websites and tools for you and tell you what they are good.

Design2Code: Service provider

1. PSD To Many Things

PSD To Many Things

Design2Code: With PSD To Many Things. (Screenshot:

PSD To Many Things offers versatile and extensive conversions: from simple HTML and CSS on WordPress and Joomla themes through to Woo-commerce WordPress shop. With customers in over 50 countries and over 500 WordPress implementations of these providers is one of the top players in this field.

Besides the fact that PSD To Many Things created from your design a work site, the company has never disregarded that the number of mobile users is increasing steadily; and above all the conversions in responsive HTML are one of the core services. And who wants to, can maintain his side of PSD To Many Things and let keep up to date – so you get SEO semantic, well documented source code that fits in timeframe and budget.



As the onomatopoeic name suggests, takes " "A PSD design and" chops "it. Into small pieces which are then reassembled in the finest gourmet HTML or CSS code The result is a pixel-perfect, cross browser compatible, handgecodete and SEO-friendly HTML / CSS files.

The procedure is simple: its design Man uploads, pay conveniently using PayPal and has a short time later the finished files in his or her mailbox. The company is still relatively new to the market, but it already has more than 500 satisfied customers from over 30 countries.

3. PSDgator



If PSDgator gets going, that’s just time for free. It sends its layout and PSDgator offers free consultations and meetings, before the provider then charged into the skin buttons and converts the project. But this service can save you a lot of trouble and every time when problems are identified and resolved before the first line of code is written.

The result is wonderful most beautiful HTML and CSS, which means as much as: pixel-perfect, cross browser compatible implementations. PSDgator takes to desire even your existing website before: slicet and codet everything new – clean and tidy.

Responsiveness, e-commerce (Woo Commerce and Magento) and even plug-in development are more offers from which you can choose. Customer service is quick, extremely friendly and immediately supported when times has problems with the integration of the unconverted page.

4. Pixel2HTML



Also Pixel2HMTL is worth a look. The company supplies high-quality conversions, among other things, for tumblr, WordPress and Shopify – at a very reasonable price. Optionally, you can his side also responsive and can be created for Retina displays.

One sends Pixel2HTML its layout with some notes and information on implementation – for example, which used JavaScript libraries and which functionalities are to be implemented. Then Pixel2HTML returns with an offer and a cost estimate. If the offer is confirmed, you can sit back and soon landed the final hand-gecodete page in e-mail inbox.

5. DirectBasing



DirectBasing has spent the last seven years, more than 10,000 projects (the four projects on the day) implemented. Through their extensive experience they offer top quality in the implementation of projects. Be it WordPress, Joomla, Magento or very simple HTML and CSS. Of course the pages are all responsive.

Simple PSD / AI / INDD upload DirectBasing trim everything and codes leave … and then download the finished project.

6. Convert2xhtml



Convert2xhtml created from your layout, HTML, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and other themes. The company can create from your PSD also emails osCommers Stores and Mobile Websites.

Convert2xhtml will also help you with the installation and configuration of content management systems, templates and modules. And all this even with a money-back guarantee.

7. Reliable PSD

Reliable PSD


Reliable PSD  is a brand new design-to-HTML / -Wordpress service digital agency "Unexpected Ways". It is aimed primarily at designers who place great emphasis on high quality and frustrated with other offers and are annoyed. On their website it says: "It’s probably just a normal part of their everyday lives, to send lists of amendments and correction wishes. Just as the endless hours and energy that you need in (and the hair scuffling when you have to do it again). "

Reliable PSD has exactly eliminates these problems and the whole process is optimized to be the development to enjoy the site. In-house designers to monitor the entire development process, so that you get the result at the end, which you have wished.

8. CSSChopper



CSSChopper is a full-service software company that offers, among other things PSD-to-HTML, PSD to HTML5 conversions and responsive web design. This bookseller accepts just about any standard design format and created cross browser compatible, pixel-perfect code which is available for download after 48 hours.

CSSChopper are particularly proud that the code they produce, is purified and quickly invites. And more than 9,300 customers are likely to be wrong barely.

9. 247xhtml



247xhtml  claims to be the cheapest and the best of all Design2Code services. For $ 45 you can let his PSD converter within 24 hours in XHTML 1.0 and CSS.

Additional services include annotated source code, scalable fonts, Linked Sites and a two-step drop-down menu. All this for a very down to earth prices.

10. XHTMLized



XHTMLized  offers both front-end and back-end development and created from PSDs clean HTML / CSS, WordPress templates and HTML emails – also responsive and Retina displays, with Mailchimp- and Tracking Tool connection.

XHTMLized can help your project you in every way – they even create CSSS3 animations.

Design2Code: Plugins

1. CSS3Ps


Design2Code as a plugin: CSS3PS. (Screenshot:

CSS3PS is a free plugin that your Photoshop layers in CSS3 transforms: Simply select the appropriate levels and click the plugin button. On the homepage there is a comprehensive video that explains how this cloud-based plug-in works.

It supports shape layers, text layers, layer groups, and the exporting of SCSS and based SASS.

Design2Code: Tools

The previously presented services and plug-ins take a both the work of the "slicing" a layout, as well as of the programming. However, if his side would rather want to create itself and delve into the depths of the possible without HTML and CSS code, which is helping with the following tools.

1. Adobe Edge Reflow

Adobe Edge Reflow

(Screenshot: Adobe Edge Reflow)

Anyone who has a subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud is also automatically a license for Adobe Edge Reflow , It’s actually meant to make responsive-friendly Photoshop layouts and show the transposing those programmers how to behave elements. A design tool so that makes it possible to make really responsive.

Adobe Edge Reflow and Photoshop work seamlessly together. So you have to be design that you have created in Photoshop, not only recreate again in Adobe Edge Reflow, but can import it directly and then begin to worry about the behavior of the elements in the corresponding breakpoints.

The user interface of Adobe Edge Reflow is very similar to Photoshop and Indesign, so you very quickly "at home" feel. When editing the elements you should have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, however, already since some element behavior could provide surprises otherwise.

Unlike in most other tools you can determine visually the breakpoints in Adobe Edge Reflow – like how to feed guides. Helpful is also the possibility of minimum and maximum breakpoints set, so you can make "mobile first" in Adobe Edge Reflow.

2. Webflow



Webflow is one of the latest tools with the most features. Designs are created using a integreireten WYSIWYG editor – code generation based on Bootstrap 3.0.Webflow offers the possibility of a site from scratch to create or select from a huge selection of templates from WebFlow own marketplace.

The surface can be "easy" while working between and "advanced" change and adapt, so that beginners are not overwhelmed by the mass of the same options and functions and are subject to rantasten slowly. The Webflowoberfläche enough though to implement a side to dip without the HTML and CSS code. Anyone who still wants, however has set a paid account.

Projects are Webflow default responsive. Both in the view and in edit mode you can choose between views desktop, tablet and smartphone and since each between portrait and landscape mode.

3. MotoCMS 3.0

MotoCMS 3.0


MotoCMS 3.0 is also a relatively new tool that brings innately great responsive templates. From the surface and usability it Webflow is very similar. The intuitive WYSIWYG editor with drag – & – drop functionality is fun – and in no time the layout is responsive implemented.

One of the best features of MotoCMS 3.0 admin panel is the so-called "intuitive support". Each control block has a small icon with a question mark, which explains what you used each block. The color selection tool allows you to change the overall color scheme of the design with just one click. Following a principle of all relevant elements inherit all changes which is carried out. Similar Webflow the templates are provided with three breakpoints – such as mobile phone in portrait or landscape format.

The wonderful thing about MotoCMS 3.0 is that you can try everything without prior registration – except, of course saving. So you do not buy a pig in a poke.

4. Squarespace



Squarespace is a well-known tool that is on the market since 2004 and its templates are used by well-known sites, such as the  Shutterstock Blog and DKNY We Are NYC , The site tool is fully responsive – so the website looks at the end on all devices from top.

Like the other tools Squarespace offers the possibility of three breakpoint: Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone – unfortunately without landscape view. Pictures are automatically adjusted to the appropriate sizes. To be able to look at his site in the editor in the appropriate size, it is necessary to reduce its browser accordingly – something idle, especially when you want to edit the smartphone view.

5. Macaw


(Screeshot: Macaw)

Macaw is a newcomer to the scene and began operations in March 2014thMacaw is a web design tool that generates semantically correct HTML and CSS.Macaw is, just like Edge Reflow, an offline tool that can be installed on his computer.

The user interface is pretty intuitive Macaw, even if you missed a few things, such as a via right-click context menu accessible. There is a very useful feature: You can view switch between three different modes: normal, outline and wireframe, so Macaw can be used as a tool Wireframing well. A seamless workflow from concept to design – as chic is that?

Otherwise offers Macaw, as well as other tools, the usual ways, elements via drag and drop to arrange and reposition. Since you but all breakpoints currently set here yourself, it is more flexible than for example Webflow – which offers only three standard breakpoints.

You know another service tools or plug-ins or want to inform your experiences? Let others share in it and post them easily in the comments.

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