Creative And Unusual Clocks Designs

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Clock is one of the oldest and most useful inventions, not one. Its main purpose is to tell us the time, but in daily life, most people clock design looks very dull, boring, uninteresting, but now there are a lot of designers to create a lot of cool clock, and some creative and unusual clocks designs, so that You look fresh, then do not feel dull. Next, look at our creative and unusual clocks designs of some of the best ever, funny, coolest clock design, Enjoy!

A New York Modern Wall Clock – Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building Clock

New York Modern Wall Clock - Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building Clock

Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building in New York. This clock can be said to be universal, and is very suitable for use in the home ah.

Wall clock fried eggs

Omelette Wall Clock

You can put this clock hanging to your dining area.

Amazing DIY gear clock Dyyof

Amazing DIY gear clock Dyyof

Now you can use DIY gear like this picture shows a different way. In this picture, you will see amazing clock created with the DIY gear used.

Is melted clock

Melting shelf or mantel clock

In daily life, we can see a lot of things melt like ice, ice cream, chocolate and so on. But the first time I saw the melting clocks.

Unique Wall Clocks

Unique wall clock

Here is another amazing and unique wall clock designs, you can put a spoon, knife, and spoon hanging around the clock.

Unique wall clock design

Unique wall clock design

Suitable for use in office or home decor, this unique and wonderful wall clock is perfect, it looks very elegant and refined.

Anthologie Quartet

Anthologie Quartet

anthologie quartet clock with black color design, but it gives you the feeling is like watching fantasy film will be some mechanical clock. Design is very creative!

Tire Clock

Maples Clock

Now you can try to use the useless car tires as a wall clock.

Classic style clock player

Clock made from recycled Sanyo turntable

Can not know the clock CD release it? Which would be great if you can!

Manifold Clock

Manifold Clock

This is a three-dimensional effect of the clock. It looks very simple, but really very attractive.



Are you saying this is a few minutes to read it?

Dominoes clock (row nine)

Dominoes clock

Domino clock idea is unique and simple. It looks very attractive and elegant, suitable for hanging on the wall of your office or home.

Books clock

Karlsson Table Clock Book

Creative books clock, it is suitable for discharge in your home, office, school books, etc. hanging wall.

Mhin clock

Mhin clock

If you hate the clock “ticking” sound, I suggest you hang Mhin home wall clock.


Clock made of recycled magnetic volume

Turntable Clock

Turntable Clock

Another wonderful clock designs.

Mike Mai clock

Mike Mai clock

Mike Mai clock looks cute and simple, it’s designed to look different from the common or frequently used clock designs.

Oh, my orange elephant designer wall clock

Oh, my orange elephant designer wall clock

Now you can hang on the wall in your home only elephants.

Bicycle crank clock

Bicycle crank clock

Have you ever seen a bike crank clock do? The idea is amazing, but it is also an awesome design, different from the conventional clock.

Metal atom clock sculpture

Metal atom clock sculpture

Metal atom clock sculpture has exquisite and unique design, as well as stunning color combinations.

Color plates tray clock Olyteam

Guitar Pick tray clock Olyteam

If you are a love of art or like music, then you must have this clock is a creative artistic nature.

Jellyfish Marine Clock

Jellyfish Jellyfish Marine Clock

If the weather is too hot, hung like a jellyfish, marine clock is a good refreshing choice.

Tie clock

Tie Clock

Dedicated men necktie clock designs.

Amazing clock

Amazing clock (12)

This clock design gives the feeling of terror, because it is the burial site of the scene. This amazing clock using the music tape creation, with what trash music, metal music, the effect of non-general ah, ha ha.

Flowers of the clock

The flowers ClockGeneva

Another amazing clock designs, when you pass when you see this beautiful flower big clock What would it feel?

Family albums Clock


This clock is placed around the lives of his family photos, these photos are wonderful historic home screen, very felt feet.

Moon Clock

Moon Clock

Vinyl record clock

Clocked by Vinyl

Amazing Clock

Amazing Clock

Creative Clock Design

Creative Clock Design

Fuzzy clock

Fuzzy Clock

Another is displayed when you press it, but nothing with a wow.



A lot of creativity and wonderful combination of letters creative clock designs , you shocked yet.

Modern Cool Clock

Red Anti-number wall clock 16x16 Modern Cool

Modern Fashion Clock Design

Original Modern Clock Design

This modern clock with elegant, classic feel.

Elegant albums Clock Design


Beautiful flowers placed around the album.

The clock


Innovation, classic combination.

Spoon clock

Spoon Clock

Creativity, omnipresent ah

Beam clock

With time the beam does not show up, (hand) clocks tell

This clock is very attractive idea, mainly pointers way of light display, cool essential.

Modern Red Wall Design

Modern red wall clock design furniture

This modern red wall clock design, if you hang in your office, home or elsewhere, this wall clock it is easy to catch people’s attention.

Modern Wall Clock

Modern Wall Clock

Modern wall clock made of wood

Modern wall clock made of wood

This unique and elegant modern wall clock is made ​​of wood, and creative clock design is very good, but at the time it seems very complicated trouble ah.

Wall clock design

Wall clock design

Here another amazing clock designs, which allows dull room transformed into a vibrant and colorful space.

Super creative clock

Doctor Who Timey Wimey TARDIS Clock

Polyhedron Earth Wall

Polyhedron Earth Wall

Another surprising and creative wall clock, with a three-dimensional effect, like a globe.

Which Clock Design do you like best? Welcome to comment at the message below.

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