A Comprehensive Statistical Analysis of WordPress Popularity

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Those who run or write blogs for WordPress based websites must be fully aware of the fact that WordPress is by far one of the most popular, well heeled, and successful CMS platform available in the realm of web development. The momentum gained by this platform is clearly evident with the way it has been able to attract a larger legion of fans and how impressively it has channelized their way of writing blogs or managing content. A Comprehensive Statistical Analysis of WordPress Popularity

In this post, we have explored some surprising and rather interesting facts about WordPress in terms of search trends, market position, keyword score, plugin growth etc., and have explained the growth of WordPress in relation with other CMS available in the market, which clearly indicates the popularity of the platform.

1. Up To 48% of Technorati’s Blogs are Managed By WordPress

If you are an active partner of the WordPress community then you might be feeling thankful to be a part of it. It’s amazing to see how all the reputed companies such as New York Times, CNN, Ebay etc., run their websites on WordPress.

A Comprehensive Statistical Analysis of WordPress Popularity

2. WordPress is Powering Up To More than 60 Million Websites

Yes, you read it write. Up to more than 60 million of websites run on WordPress. The 50%  of this figure i.e., more than 30 million websites is hosted on the free WordPress.com. As far as self hosted sites are concerned, WordPress acquires around 18.9% of all the websites. The figure is a good indicator of how people are gravitate towards the platform.

A Comprehensive Statistical Analysis of WordPress Popularity

3. WordPress Related Searches is Close to 40 Million Per Month

When typed keyword “WordPress” on the search bar, it’s quite surprising to see that the keyword alone recieves up to more than 64 million searches. And that’s just “WordPress”, not “WordPress development” or “WordPress services”  or anything related to it.

When you count the number of searches of the WordPress related keywords, the resulting figure you’ll get is around 37 million. There is yet another interesting fact about WordPress, which you’d like to know is that the platform is searched five times more than any other platform in the realm of content management system.

4. Multilingual Support Up To 40 Different Languages

Although, WordPress is available in the default U.S English, but if you don’t belong to an English speaking country, the software has been now upgraded to be translated into any  of the language you speak. The community of WordPress has worked to make this platform compatible with different languages, thus putting efforts to survive in the global market.

For this, you can go and see the list of all the languages that WordPress is capable of translating  http://codex.WordPress.org/WordPress_in_Your_Language and if you don’t speak the provided forty languages and planning to move on to some another platform, hang on, the developers of WordPress are working ardently to provide new and better translations to its users.

5. 22% of the New Domains Run on WordPress

The economy of WordPress is growing at an impressive rate. Out of every 100 domain, 22 of them are registered on WordPress. Considering this rate, it can be clearly said that WordPress is definitely powering a significance portion of the web, compelling hosting providers to focus more on WordPress.

6. WordPress Provides People with a Better Employment Opportunity

It’s quite an interesting fact that around thousands of people are directly earning through WordPress. Upto 53% described as WordPress developers and up to 36% of the people described them as self-employed WordPress developers. And, up to 28,000 of the folk use WordPress as a direct source of their living. WordPress’ ability of empowering people with a better opportunity to get their voice heard in the world of internet is something that really makes this platform a leader in its own way.

7. 5-6 WordPress.com Posts Everyday

That’s true. In every second, around 5 to 6 posts are posted every day on WordPress.com. Means, 342 posts in an average hour, just about 20,000 per day and 7.49 annually.

In addition, WordPress.org has not only impressed its users as one of the sought after CMS solutions but it has been also crowned as the second most popular free blogging software.

8. Developers of WordPress Community Charge Around 58$ hourly

As per the results of the survey conducted in 2012, the average hourly rate that a WordPress developer charges is around 58$.

According to oDesk, WordPress development is the fifth most sought after skill among the companies that outsource their projects. Similarly Freelancer.com has recorded an average $3.5m revenue for WordPress developers.

A Comprehensive Statistical Analysis of WordPress Popularity

9. WordPress Market Share Has Grown Up To 53.8%

The market position that WordPress holds is quite impressive as compared to its competitors. Over the half of the developers and business owners have favored WordPress for their blogging or other business related needs. Joomla, which is the closest opponent of WordPress has 9.2% of the market share. Drupal comes third with just 6.7%.

10. 19,017 Free Plugins Available in the WordPress Directory

Indeed, the quality that makes WordPress a true leader of its industry is its ability to provide a pool of useful plugins to its users. These plugins altogether work to extend the functionality and working of your website.

A Comprehensive Statistical Analysis of WordPress Popularity


All said and done, the statistics shown above is a true indication of the fact that WordPress is growing by leaps and bounds and it’s sure to be a  good place to start with your blogging as well as online business needs.

Samuel Dawson is a creative web design expert of HTML to WordPress Conversion with vast experience in Research and development vertex of web technologies. He is working with Designs2HTML Ltd, and loves to write content related to Markup Conversion processes.

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