Bootstrap: These 15 tools and enhancements you bring more out of Twitter’s Framework

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Bootstrap: These 15 tools and enhancements you bring more out of Twitter’s Framework

Bootstrap 3 of Twitter provides an excellent basis for the Web development.We ask you to ten tools and extensions that allow you rausholt even more from the current version.

Twitters Bootstrap is one of the most popular front-end framework in the market.Only recently has the new Bootstrap 3 a get minor update to version 3.1.1. For larger adjustments and enhancements Webworker must still be automatically.With these useful tools and enhancements will help you get the most out of Bootstrap.



Jetstrap is more than just a mockup tool.

Jetstrap is a powerful interface builder for the Bootstrap Framework from Twitter.The online service allows you to design your own layouts via drag & drop and are the designs then made ​​as clean HTML.

Lavish Bootstrap

Lavish Bootstrap

Lavish extracted important colors from a photo and converts it into a bootstrap color scheme.

Bootstrap can customize very strongly. However, the tool for this is a bit confusing and complicated for beginners. With Lavish Bootstrap can create color schemes for bootstrap and readjust later manually you with the photos. The online tool provides a vanilla CSS stylesheet and a LESS stylesheet back.



Can be edited by clicking with X-Editable a side component.

X-Editable makes it possible to integrate editable elements on your web site.Thus, web page elements inline or edited with a small pop or popover. Besides Bootstrap X-Editable may also cooperate with jQuery UI or jQuery.



Fuel-UX comes with many enhancements for bootstrap. (Graphic: fuelUX )

Bootstrap 3 provides a lot of components. Fuel UX  multiplies the number of your facility and expanded the components to DatePicker, sortable tables, Preloader and more.

Bootstrap Pagination

Bootstrap Pagination

With bootstrap Pagination you can scroll without having to make a page break through your pages.

If server-side pagination does not come to you in question, could bootstrap Pagination be the right solution for you. The dynamic pagination plugin for jQuery ensures that your bootstrap 3-pagination can be browsed dynamically without page reload.

Bootstrap Date Picker

Bootstrap Date Picker

A Date Picker for Bootstrap does not necessarily need jQuery UI.

A DatePicker can bootstrap miss in version. 3 No problem: With the bootstrap DatePicker plugin  can you change it.



JBootstrapValidation makes working with forms easy.

With jBootstrapValidation you can check your forms and provided for errors or information messages with a markup bootstrap compliant. And if you need to perform a more complex validation, you should take a look at Parsley.js throw.

Bootstrap form Helpers

Bootstrap form Helpers

Bootstrap form Helpers gives you more options when working with forms.

Bootstrap form Helpers  is a collection of jQuery plugins that will help to build better forms. The additional components include Slider, Color Picker individual Date Picker and more.

Bootstrap Lightbox

Bootstrap Lightbox

Probably the slimmest Lightbox world.

The plugin Bootstrap Lightbox  supplies your bootstrap instance, with a sophisticated Lightbox. Since the script relies on Bootstrap 3, it brings only four kilobit (uncompressed, minified) on the scales. Small disadvantage of lean solution: The Lightbox not adapts to the screen size when it was opened. A fact that can be managed with a few lines of CSS but from the world.

Bootstrap Social Network Buttons

Bootstrap Social Buttons

Chic and script-free solution for the integration of social sharing buttons.

The fact that the inclusion of “traditional” social sharing buttons is not necessarily the best alternative in terms of performance, should be known. With the bootstrap Social Network Buttons  is you a slim and script-free alternative is available, which is also suitable for retina displays.


With PaintStrap be color schemes can be easily implemented in Bootstrap. (Screenshot: PaintStrap)

With PaintStrap be color schemes can be easily implemented in Bootstrap. (Screenshot: PaintStrap)

While Twitter’s Bootstrap comes with a color scheme that you want this, however, customize, for example, to existing CI Rules, it is consuming. PaintStrap simplifies the work here. Have already generated about Adobe Kuler or ColourLovers color schemes, the IDs can be easily entered on the PaintStrap page and the tool generates a preview, which can be customized and downloaded.

Color Picker

This bootstrap extension integrates a simple color picker. (Screenshot: Color Picker)

This bootstrap extension integrates a simple color picker. (Screenshot: Color Picker)

In addition to the above-mentioned date picker, there are also for choosing colors a suitable solution. The simple color picker on jQuery based comes out with 200 lines of code. Even if bootstrap is not used, it is serving.

Bootstrap Calendar

The bootstrap Calendar provides a calendar display in Bootstrap. (Screenshot: bootstrap Calendar)

The bootstrap Calendar provides a calendar display in Bootstrap. (Screenshot: bootstrap Calendar)

Represent a complete calendar with Bootstrap? With the bootstrap Calender no problem. Enlargement brings with templates for both yearly, monthly, weekly and daily views. The plugin is based on both jQuery and on underscore.js.

Bootstrap Confirmation

Actions to be confirmed? No problem with Bootstrap Confirmation. (Screenshot: Bootstrap Confirmation)

Actions to be confirmed? No problem with Bootstrap Confirmation. (Screenshot: Bootstrap Confirmation)

With bootstrap Confirmation easily builds her confirmation messages in your website. When you click on a button or the like, a small confirmation dialog, with which the user has to click his consent again appear.

jQuery File Upload

File uploads made easy with the jQuery-File Uploader. (Screenshot: jQuery-File Uploader)

File uploads made easy with the jQuery-File Uploader. (Screenshot: jQuery-File Uploader)

The on-based jQuery File Uploader already brings if desired innately suitable bootstrap Styles with. In addition to a maximum file size and the file type can be limited. If a compatible browser used files via Drag & Drop can also be easily uploaded.

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