23 Logos With Hidden Meanings And Hidden Images

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Most people these days don’t go very far in terms of designing a logo with meaning. Most logos you see are just fancy fonts (like ours!). There are some designers out there though that dig deep and work hard to make a logo mean something, or give it a hidden meaning. Below we’ve gathered 23 logos with hidden meanings and hidden images; logos that, when observed properly, are more than just text on a page.

1. Ed’s Electric by Josiah Jost

Ed's Electric Logo by Josiah Jost

2. London London

London London Logo

3. Coffee Chat by Tomas Vateha

Coffee Chat Logo by Tomas Vateha

4. 911 by Joe Prince

911 Logo by Joe Prince

5. Families by Herb Lubalin

Families Logo by Herb Lubalin

6. The Half Ass Brewing Co by Shed Labs

The Half Ass Brewing Co Logo by Shed Labs

7. Eight by Nicky Genov

Eight Logo by Nicky Genov

8. Cloud Tunes by Damir Cosic

Cloud Tunes Logo by Damir Cosic

9. Summit Dry Cleaning by Michael Spitz

Summit Dry Cleaning Logo by Michael Spitz

10. Giraffe by Elena Zhitko

Giraffe Logo by Elena Zhitko

11. Morning Wood by Daniel Watson

Morning Wood Logo by Daniel Watson

12. Bread by Gert Van Duinen

Bread Logo by Gert Van Duinen

13. Slow Motion by Aleksandar Pesevski

Slow Motion Logo by Aleksandar Pesevski

14. City Harvest by Woody Harrington

City Harvest Logo by Woody Harrington

15. Turn by Marco Garcia

Turn Logo by Marco Garcia

16. Wiesinger Music by Patrik Agka

Wiesinger Music Logo by Patrik Agka

17. Idea by Ji Lee

Idea Logo by Ji Lee

18. Exit by Ji Lee

Exit Logo by Ji Lee

19. Bowling Shoe by Greg Cuellar

Bowling Shoe Logo by Greg Cuellar

20. Wine Tree by KJ

Wine Tree Logo by KJ

21. Killed by Sean Heisler

Killed Productions Logo by Sean Heisler

22. BarCode by Sean Heisler

BarCode Logo by Sean Heisler

23. BBQ Notes by Sean Heisler

BBQ Notes Logo by Sean Heisler

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