2015 seven web UI design trends

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2015 seven web UI design trends

Seize every user’s attention, the key is often in the first few seconds of their visit to the site.

The average user’s attention span is getting shorter, web design needs to effectively maintain the user’s interest. There are several ways to express content. In the past few years, designers have the solutions to simplify and smooth technology, set up people want to see results.

In a picture from the set to lead to disparity through movement and interaction between pictures, which are in the past two years, bolder approach. There is a saying that too many visual elements will affect the original expression had important information. However, these original elements need not be completely removed, but subtle, gently placed them in positions where they are needed. 2015 will spend the same bold design, but not the same methods of expression. UI affects the interaction between the user and the website, so UI design will be more simple, subtle meet the requirements.

Flat UI

Recently, the design of the user interface has been developed to more simple and direct. Flat design best able to bring out the “let the content speak for themselves” philosophy. In a flat user interface, designed with two levels: a surface layer that contains the raw elements out of context; the inside of the layer is flat, solid background color. Because of the flat UI can easily change shape under circumstances do not change the contents inside, so its benefits is the ability to easily change the size. Conclusion simplify is the key of the key.



In 2015, we will see a lot less messy original elements. Minimalist design limitations of the designer on the palette selection, which itself represents a primary element of expression is strong. Minimalist website out of the effect is clean and casual, we have a lot of breathing space. One of the benefits of the use of minimalist design is that it reduced the page size and loading time, especially in terms of online shopping.


Card format design

Because designers with engineers need to consider the application to the mobile device has a modular format designed to be a no brain skills, because it can adapt to various types of equipment. You can look at Pinterest’s UI: each of the cards to simplify the picture, a text and a bunch of action, and finishing off the information it easier to navigate. This claim is one of the largest information express the most simple way to make the information distributed to more than 3-4 column layout can be easily re-form a.



In addition to keeping things simple and minimalist, and now the fonts are more slender, delicate and sexy. Level definitions have been more obvious, so there is no need for bold fonts. Sans serif font next year will be more popular and fine. Some simple and timeless fonts, stand the test of time


Ghost Button

Compared with a hint of buttons on the top is very suitable for large-scale background map.Ghost buttons are subtly attract attention, it does not obscure underlying map, the more respected than emphasize the font.


Video of White

If you can see the video, then why did you want to read? In recent years, we can see a large background image entered the home and background. In 2015, video will be further “invasion” of the home page. This is one of the fastest way to bring out in a few seconds the content and impact of manufacturing. People want to see some of them taste something attached together.


Better product display

Our world is changing into the substance of the products should be accompanied by digital experience, for example: For more information on different parameters. People want not just a few pictures, videos, maps and animations 360-round can give further information to the guest. This way it would be more interesting and vivid point.


Future trends

In the establishment of the site in response to the design will easily become the norm. Until 2016, we will see the end design will tend to move priority, which represents for mobile devices will be the focus of the design. Smart phones are our main method of communication, we are concerned about web design at the same time, more needs to show to future (mobile terminal).

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