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Landing Pages: 16 templates for conversion optimization

With the right landing page you increase the number of applications or downloads – despite unchanged visitor numbers.Ministering are, among others, these 16 Landing Page Templates.


Landing pages are web pages that lay the substantive focus on a particular action, such as buying a product.Their success can be measured easily, according to simple falls even further optimization.Who would not want to even work creatively, it uses landing page templates.

Landing Page Templates: What should ensure business owner?

Landing pages serve solely a destination, not two or three.Redundant links are therefore misplaced.In addition, clear communication is important: who promises big discounts in a display, it should also reflect the expectation of its customers on the relevant landing page.This becomes clear in the following example:

Example display: “‘ll double your income in 30 days.Secure you now 50% discount on our outstanding online course! ”

After clicking on the ads follow two landing pages …

  • Version 1: “Welcome to Conversion Specialist Herbert Müller.”
  • Version 2: “Book now online price of Conversion Specialist Herbert Müller and get 50 percent off!”

The second version of entirely fictional landing page provides a better starting point for visitors who clicked on the previously cited above ads.You will meet their expectations and thereby increases (with high probability), the conversion rate of our equally fictitious “Conversion Specialists”.

Does the text, the design is lacking just yet.The choices are, among others, these 20 Landing Page Templates.

Maverick – Landing Page Template for Applications and Software



landing page template maverick


Maverick(Affiliate link) is one of the most popular landing page templates from ThemeForest.It is ideal for developers who distribute the example applications and comes in six colors.Especially designed “flat”, corresponds Maverick and current design trends.

Lista – Effective List Building

landing page template shortlist


The Landing Page Template Lista was specifically designed for List Building.It was reacted with HTML5 and CSS3 and responsive responsive to different output devices.Lista works especially well with additional gimmicks, such as a free white paper or eBook.

Simplify – Sell your eBook with this landing page template

landing page template simplify


Based on the bootstrap framework was Simplify (Affiliate link) developed especially for the marketing of e-books.It provides a set of ready color options and can alternatively use it as a landing page for applications.

Pandora Box – Minimalist, fully responsive landing page template

landing page template pandora box


The Landing Page Template “Pandora Box“(Affiliate link) offers minimalism and produces a very high quality impression.It offers three different “styles” and can be used in many ways by the core but is aimed primarily at developers.

Landing Space – WordPress template for app developers

landing page template landing space


Landing Space is one of the few WordPress templates to our collection.It was developed as a central landing page for startups and thus also serves more destinations – from the perspective of a Conversion Optimizer not an optimal solution.As uncluttered website template Landing Space young company offers a good foundation that can be perfected over more landing pages for various purposes.

Convertible – Customizable Landing Page Template

landing page template convertible


Convertible offers six color variations and a “builder”, can create different landing pages about the user drag and drop.Other functions of the template and a first insight provides the live demo.

Pronto – A landing page for unannounced products

landing page templates pronto


It is advisable to apply new products even before its launch.For just this purpose was also “Pronto“(Affiliate link) was developed.The Landing Page is available in several variations, both with and without “Counter”.

Fusion – Landing page template for WordPress users

landing page template fusion


How Convertible also comes the landing page template fusion from the house of “Elegant Themes”.It has lots of options, a number of shortcodes and was developed responsive both large and small devices.

Off the Shelf – Landing page template for the marketing of e-books

landing page template off the shelf


Off the Shelf” Has been implemented based on the Foundation frameworks with new web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3, offers some color and image variations and free support.Who wants to market its own e-book, with “Off the Shelf” therefore well advised.

MyProduct – Landing Page for products of all kinds

landing page template my product


MyProduct is a great theme for businesses that want to advertise their own products or services, “write the developers.Even if the design is not likely to please any reader, is the recommendation: At least once a look!

Booker – Landing page template for “digital bookseller”

landing page template booker


As “Off the Shelf” is also directed Booker to authors selling e-books over the net.The Landing Page template relies on a central cover image that can be easily adjusted, and a responsive implementation of the website.

Nostalgia – For private and professional websites

landing page template nostalgia


Nostalgia is a landing page for private and professional websites that works with bright colors and large images.With the retro look Nostalgia is unusual, but equally striking.

Fitnex – Modern Landing Page Template for fitness lovers

landing page template Fitnex


In three variations is directed Fitnex especially to fitness enthusiasts and is suitable to the corresponding products (for example, e-books) or services (for example, training sessions) for sale.The landing page template is working hard with visual elements, ie images and videos.

Reydeo: marketed your application (s)

landing page templates reydeo


Reydeo is a classic landing page for advertising applications that communicates through a large picture or video and short text sections.The package on ThemeForest includes in several versions of the landing page, each adapted for Vermakrtung and after the launch.

“Manhattan University” – Ideal for educational institutions

landing page templates manhatten university


The Landing Page Template “Manhattan University “From ThemeForest recommended for educational institutions, such as colleges or universities.It is aimed at as many visitors to move through a form for initial contact.

Permatex – Increase the number of your contact requests

landing page templates Permatex


The Landing Page Template Permatex comes in eleven colors and both “flat” and responsive was designed.It aims to get as many contact requests.Ideal for service providers who want to increase their customer base.

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