12 design exercises that you bring your creativity into the swing

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12 design exercises that you bring your creativity into the swing


Design exercises: The creative mind is like the human body. (Comic: Creativity by Alex Norris)

Besides, it is inevitable that you run in a creative blockade, when it appears that your creative source has dried up. A few simple Photoshop manipulations or doodles will help you get back on your path.

Design exercises: Typography

Typography is one of the hardest to dominant design disciplines. The choice of font should reflect what wants to express the quote. Even the line breaks, the spacing or the choice of color and background are crucial in creating a harmonious, coherent designs.


Whisky requires Werstschätzung – like a beautiful woman. First, looking at him, then it’s time to drink. (Haruki Murakami)

Typography Design Exercise # 1

  1. Select a quote from the last-viewed movie, TV show or the last book that you read.
  2. View a specific time period before, say thirty minutes and see how many ways you can write to make the citation within the time period.
  3. Send it to the respective fan base to benefit from it.

Typography Design Exercise # 2

  1. Choose a free font with a random font aggregator as Dafont ,
  2. Search fonts that go great with it.
  3. Combine the two fonts in a quote to check your decision.

Typography Design Exercise # 3

  1. Call your feed on and search for posts or tweets that you could use.
  2. Search for a suitable font for the post or Tweet.
  3. Comment the finished picture and wait for reactions amused.


We all do it since our childhood: drawing. Why do not we use it as a preparatory exercise?


Graphics: Venomous Kerby Rosanes of

Exercise # 1 mark

  1. Search online for kindergarten Monster doodles.
  2. Create your own version of the monster.
  3. Use Photoshop to make them come to life.

Exercise # 2 characters

  1. Make a list of fantastic abilities in video games or novels.
  2. Scribble a monster, the Look.
  3. Take advantage of them.

Exercise # 3 characters

  1. Pick a famous painting from, about “The Scream” by Edvard Munch or “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci.
  2. To add a new monster that interacts with the characters of the painting.
  3. Go one level up and imitate in your monster the style of the artist.

Design exercises: logo design

Logos belong to the basics of graphic design. To create it to illustrate an identity through the use of a symbol, is a difficult task and involves great responsibility. The logo is the most associated object for a company and therefore has a significant influence on the future marketing of the company.


Graphics: Aspire Board Sketches  Eddie Lobanovskiy

Logo Exercise # 1

  1. Search on sites like Kickstarter by startups.
  2. Take your company and project presentation as a short briefing and sketch as many logo concepts as possible.
  3. Explain why each logo might work or not.

Logo Exercise # 2

  1. Decide on one of your friends.
  2. Briefly describe what kind of person he is and how you experience it.
  3. Create a personal logo for him.

Logo Exercise # 3

  1. Looking for a random article on Wikipedia, until you find a celebrity.
  2. Seize the Wikipedia entry as a creative briefing to create a logo.
  3. Designs a personal logo.

Image manipulation

The best weapon in the arsenal of a designer is probably Adobe Photoshop.Knowing how to use his weapon in different ways, is critical for survival in the wilderness design.


Crazy image manipulations do not only fun, but can also bring creativity going.

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