10 Useful Javascript Functions and jQuery Plugins

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New JavaScript libraries and plugins are released almost daily. Some useful helpers and effects we have gathered in this article. Here are the most useful javascript functions and jQuery.



Unslider is a photo-slider, which can convince with pleasant transitions and cross-browser support. The slider is responsive and fits perfectly on mobile devices to. On the desktop, it can be controlled using the arrow keys.

More experience you on the project page of Unslider ,


jPanelMenu is a jQuery plugin for creating pages navigations. Bootstrap  provides a similar function for responsive layouts. Here you click on a button, the menu runs from top to bottom and pushes the content downward. In jPanelMenu the menu of the page moves in. A similar approach is specifically designed for mobile navigation offers you Sidetap .

On the side of jPanelMenu Can you the plugin in action and try it yourself.

Effects dropdown lists

The Simple Effects for drop-down lists plugin of Codrops can redesign the their normal select elements. The plugin improves the appearance of the element and provides it with various Aufklappeffekten and arrangements.

On the project side of the plugin  Learn how you can use javascript functions and jQuery for your projects.

jQuery Scrollpath

With jQuery Scrollpath the user can be guided on the basis of a path through the website. If the scrolling function of the browser used, the viewport follows the pre-defined path. So many possibilities for designing more interesting, interactive websites.

On the project page of jQuery Scrollpath experienced her the script live in action.


Countable.js is a JavaScript function that counts live paragraphs, words and characters in input fields. Here Countable requires no external libraries. On the project side of Countable.js can test the functions of the script you live. On GitHub  there Countable usenet.



With Questionmark.js you can give users of your website or web app assistance in the use of shortcuts. Captures the script typing a question mark via keyboard, a modal window opens in the Shortcuts can be grouped together.

The script runs on all modern browsers including Internet Explorer from Version 9. With an additional script can also be compatibility with Internet Explorer 8 manufacture.


IF visible.js demo

Ifvisible.js is a nice script that can be used to check whether a user is viewing your website or not. The script is responsive to whether just user interaction takes place with the page and whether the page is in the foreground. Using a timer can be initiated after a period of inactivity an action. Even the “Wakeup” event can be given a further function, so Ifvisible.js can be best used for the realization of lock and idle screens in web apps.



Another script for handling User States is Offline.js , The slim library checks whether the user is connected to the Internet, and notifies the user if the connection should be interrupted precisely. Special for mobile applications can be a useful companion Offline.js. A particularly useful feature of Offline.js is also the possibility of Ajax requests to withhold and send back to the server to recover from loss of connection. Offline.js been tested with browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 8+.



Add pace.js added to your project, please complete it to a CSS theme of your choice and you get a chic charge indicator. Currently eleven different and customizable designs are available for download.



Pongstar  is a jQuery plugin that can be used for the presentation of current Instagram Media. The library requires Bootstrap and jQuery and can bring with your User ID and Instagram Access Tokens your Instagram posts directly to your site. Using this useful javascript functions and jQuery. Here Pongstar.js distinguishes between the last gepusteten, gelikten and accordingly tagged images.

And what Useful JavaScript Functions and jQuery Plugins are your favorites? We look forward to supplements and tips in the comments!

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