10 Inspiring Mobile Apps Offering Stunning User Experience

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10 Inspiring Mobile Apps Offering Stunning User Experience

A satisfying user experience has always been the topmost priority of every mobile app designer. No matter what amount of time and efforts you put into enriching the visual aesthetics of your mobile app, failing to work on its user experience can easily ruin everything. Whether it’s the app getting adapted to high-resolution screens or making the app work on all types of mobile devices, getting inspired always pays in the long run.
Every renowned mobile application development company works tirelessly to produce apps that rank well on different online app stores. You too would have worked really hard on designing an app that scores well on the looks and feel scales. In this post, I’ll be highlighting details about ten of the best mobile apps that have been appreciated for their overall design and core functionality. Let’s get to the list straightaway!

1. Mingle

Mingle serves as a free social chat room where users can chat with other people via their video profiles, public and private chat arenas. This iOS/Android/Web app has chat rooms available for advice, shopping, flirting, nightlife, gossip, schools and a lot more. Rendering a brilliant social experience in accordance to chat rooms, Mingle is a 100% free-to-download app that also offers you an additional flexibility of sharing different posts and/or comments/conversations that are otherwise stored in your private chat box.

2. Billings Pro

As an excellent time tracking and invoicing app dedicated to small entrepreneurs and freelancers, Billings Pro is an app that allows you to focus on the other important tasks associated with running a successful business. With Billing Pro app, you can create detailed estimates regarding expenses or extra budget that needs to be maintained for keeping the business up and running. You can also opt for sending eye-catchy, fully-customizable invoices as well as tracking multiple payments related to different clients.

3. Ogorod Stuff

If you’re an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch user and are interested in sharing cool pictures of your stuff, including apparels, vehicles, gadgets and other articles that are used on a daily basis, then Ogorod Stuff is the app for you. To get started with Ogorod Stuff, all you need to do is simply click a picture of your stuff, using some tags for describing it and frame a story about it, followed by sending it to Ogorod app to become a trendsetter instantly. In addition to this, you may use this app even for finding the best stuff available around you. Compatible with iOS version 3.2 and above, Ogorod Stuff is currently available in its version 0.9.1.

4. Readability

Installing Readability app into your mobile device will allow you to turn a particular web page into a crystal view, thereby enabling you to read the same instantly or at a later point of time using your gadget. Focused on enhancing the reading experience, the Readability app also enables you to follow other reading lovers and grab the freedom of exploring a comprehensive list of their favorite and recommended articles. The best asset of Readability app is that your library of favorited, saved and archived articles can be conveniently accessed in both, online and offline modes. Moreover, you can even go ahead with sharing your favorite articles via your Facebook or Twitter handle.

5. Calvetica

As a super simple calendar app for iPhone and iPad, Calvetica has been designed using the Helvetica typography and comes with an uncluttered, minimalist interface. Stunning features available with the Calvetica app include: a delicious agenda view, Snooze button on alert dialogs, At-a-glance month view, custom/ultra-sonic alerts and many more. Fully compatible with the iPhone’s built-in calendar, the Calvetica app offers you the convenience of viewing all the events/tasks that have been scheduled for an entire week or a single day.

6. eBoy Fix Pix

With its graphics designed by Eboy artists, eBoy Fix Pix is an addictive iOS gaming app that allows you to make the most of your iPhone’s Tilt Sensor. You just need to tilt your iPhone for exploring eBoy’s tempting art so as to grab hints on solving the puzzle quickly. A perfect blend of concept and art makes eBoy Fix Pix a truly charming iPhone gaming app that is loved and embraced by people belonging to different age groups.

7. Crouwelclock

If you’re into the habit of being woken by scintillating good wishes showered by your smartphone/tablet, then Crouwelclock is for you. Commissioned by the Design Museum for celebrating Wim Crouwel, the Crouwelclock app is equipped with three unique personal Wim Crouwel messages as the alarms. Recently, the Crouwelclock app has been loaded with longer alarms. That means, the alarms now get repeated for a whopping 30 seconds durations. Moreover, you can even choose to disable the Screen-Lock for showcasing the Crouwelclock app on your device’s screen.

8. Sky

Enriched with an impressive and highly intuitive user interface, Sky is a simple and clean weather app specially designed for iPhones and iPads. The best thing about this iOS app is that its background changes its hue in accordance to the outside temperature. Minimal interface combined with wisely placed UI elements makes Sky an app with a remarkable look and feel. Some high-end features of this app include a Today widget which offers you quick access to the current weather forecast, Weather data by Weather Underground, current location by GPS and many more.

9. Nike’s Making

Presented by the Nike team, Making is an app that enables quick indexing of a huge chunk of data related to a material’s sustainability. The simple and elegant design of this app allows you to navigate between different products quite comfortably. Moreover, you can determine the composition as well sustainability factors that will aid in making real-time decisions of purchasing products.

10. Facebook Paper

Yet another interesting offering by Facebook, the Paper app has every section arranged in the form of a stream of stories that have further been laid out in a horizontal direction. Exclusively available on the iOS App Store, Facebook Paper allows you to navigate through the app pages via a swipe towards the left and right directions.
A mobile app that’s enriched with a good UX design can definitely ‘woo’ the targeted audience. Getting ideas from the above list of mobile apps (with best UX designs) will definitely set you on the right path towards the creation of an app worth receiving thousands of appreciations.

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