10 Free Joomla Templates for Website

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10 Free Joomla Templates for Website

With templates you can control the appearance of Joomla. We ask you ten free and paid templates responsive ago for use with Joomla for inspiration.

Joomla is one of the most popular content management solutions and offers the standard features of a content management system, an integrated search engine optimization, “Cashing” Multilingualism and access to LDAP or OpenID server. The optics of Joomla can be controlled as with many content management systems called Themes.

Free Joomla Templates

Today we introduce you to ten most stylish Themes to miss your Joomla installation a first face can.


Music Joomla Template.  Screenshot: Gavickpro

Music Joomla Template. (Screenshot: Gavickpro )

“Music” is a free Joomla-Template from GavickPro. The template provides a chic and responsive output in Pinterest-style and moves through the minimalist design and the slick animation the attention of your visitors.

Demo: Music Joomla Template 

Download: Music Joomla Template 

ST King

St King Joomla Template

St King Joomla Temaplate. (Screenshot: bautiful-templates.com )

“ST King” is a responsive portfolio template on HTML5 basis. The template is available for both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.5 and can be used for business as well as for highly creative web projects.

Demo: King St template 

Download: King St template 


Joomla template Elastica

Joomla template Elastica. (Screenshot: Joomlart )

Sometimes a theme can only be chic or responsive. Elastica can do both. The responsive theme serves all screen sizes and supports extra large screens. Elastica is based on the JAT3 framework and uses the jQuery Masonry script in order to realize a dynamic design.

Demo: Elastica Template 

Download: Elastica Template 

Pure Site

Pure Site Joomla Template

Pure Site Joomla Template. (Screenshot: Joomlart )

“Pure Site” is, as the name suggests, a very minimalist design. Nevertheless, the template provides a very chic output for the stored content in Joomla. “Pure Site” is responsive and each screen size adapts automatically.

Demo: Pure Site Template 

Download: Pure Site Template 

Leo Restro

Leo Resto Joomla Template

Leo Resto Joomla Template. (Screenshot: Leotheme )

“Leo Restro” comes with three different color palettes and offers many more customization options. The theme is based on the Leo Framework and is suitable thanks Responsive web design for the multi-device use.

Demo: Leo Resto template 

Download: Leo Resto template 

Paid Joomla Templates


Joomla template profiles

Joomla template profiles. (Screenshot: Joomlabamboo )

“Profiles” is a chic one-pager template for Joomla, which can be perfectly used as a business card for creatives. “Profiles” is responsive and offers general contact information, a location map, a portfolio and a contact form. Profiles is available along with other Joomla templates from 45 U.S. dollars.

Demo: Profile template 

Download profiles and other Joomla Templates 


Nebula Joomla Template

Nebula Joomla Template. (Screenshot: Joomlabamboo )

“Nebula” works with soft pastel colored gradients in the header area and goes to a clutter-neutral interface at the bottom of the page. The template is responsive and is suitable for both private and commercial websites. Nebula is available along with other Joomla templates from 45 U.S. dollars.

Demo: Nebula Joomla Template 

Download: Nebula and other Joomla Templates 


Onyx Joomla Template

Onyx Joomla Template. (Screenshot: Joomlabamboo )

“Onyx” is a modern and stylish one-pager template for Joomla. It is responsive and optimized for use on tablets and other mobile devices. “Onyx” is designed for business use and offers many presentation elements, a portfolio function. Onyx is available for $ 40 at ThemeForest.

Demo: Onyx Template 

Download: Onyx Template 

(M) Social

(M) Social Joomla Template

(M) Social Joomla Template. (Screenshot: gavickpro )

“(M) Social” is designed for both residential as well as for commercial use. The responsive theme based on the popular JomSocial component and is optically aligned on the tile design concept of Windows 8. “(M) Social” is available along with other themes from 40 EUR.

Demo: (M) Social template  

Download: (M) Social template 

Appspro Tech

Appstech Pro Joomla Template

AppPro Tech Joomla Template. (Screenshot:  gavickpro )

“Appspro Tech” is a chic and responsive Joomla template that is designed specifically for the presentation of apps. The strong colors and the symbolism “Appspro Tech” is very clear and tidy. “Appspro Tech” along with other templates available from 40 euros.

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