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My name is Hebert Silva, I am 20 years old and Front End Enginner, freelance and creative experiences for rich web interfaces, I have a degree in Computer Science from the University of Franca - Brazil. Working with website development and love my job, being connected with the world with just a click is pleasurable, defend good usability techniques with css and html. I like to write, learn and teach what I have learned from my experience. In the moments that do not use Sublime Text,'m behind the handlebars of a motorcycle racing tracks in Minas Gerais - Brazil, where I live and fight for an Internet clean, lightweight and affordable.

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Strategies To Improve The Organization Of Your CSS

CSS Tips and Tricks - CSS Matter

When coding of his CSS, it is interesting to use some conventions that the code is well organized and documented. In cases where projects are shared among programmers, is the fundamental organization of CSS to keep the code consistent and intelligible to all who need to work or service. In this article I share some of the strategies I have learned over the years and that help the organization better code style sheets.

Use the abbreviated statements of the properties

The abbreviated forms of...